The good news of Christianity in a nutshell

What is the basic, distinctive message of Christianity in a nutshell? What is the ‘good news’ Christians talk about?

The problem is death – the problem is obvious.

The solution is eternal, abundant life. If that were possible, it would indeed be good news – the term ‘good’ is an understatement.

The Christian good news is that it is possible – through the Christ, eternal, abundant life can be attained – there is a way, and this way has come about because God loves humanity and wants to open up a path for anyone to follow to eternal, abundant life.

That way – as narrow and difficult for the ego as it might be – is through the Christ’s teachings, example, and existence as an ascended spiritual Master with whom we can have a direct link.

Now, if this were true, it would be good news, and this is the distinctive message of Christianity in a nutshell. The question for anyone is whether it is plausible.

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