Fear -> Love

One process of violence is as follows.

Lie -> fear -> anger -> violence.

The lie is often something one tells to oneself – a mistaken belief about the world which, upon reflection, we can see isn’t well grounded. This belief causes fear in us – perhaps a belief we will lose something – and the fear causes the emotion of anger. Basically, we feel threatened in some sense, and so respond with violence to destroy whatever might cause us to lose something.

This process then causes similar aspects of the process in another person, which leads to more violence, hence a cycle of violence.

The violence here could be physical, but also emotional or verbal – in essence, it is negative energy directed toward things in your thoughts. In an expansive and perhaps truer sense, this is what violence is. (‘Thou shalt not kill’ can be understand in this more expansive sense, and certainly that’s the logic Jesus works to unpack.) So, this cycle is an everyday cycle, something that for most people happens everyday and perhaps many times per day. It negatively affects our relationships, our stress levels, and our well-being.

So, how does one break the cycle? Through ‘metanoia’, or changing one’s mind. The key is to detect the lie, feeling of fear, or feeling of anger, and instead

Let go of negative emotion -> forgive -> love -> focus on goodness for the other person or situation.

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