Walk with God

There is another arch-habit before we get into more specific habits, and that is to walk with God.

In the story of Noah (Genesis 6:9), Noah walks with God, and it is this walking with God that allows him to save humanity in a time of a disaster. So, walking with God is very important in this story.

To walk with God is to make time to be with Him, and to follow his way.

So, first, make time to walk with God. This can be any part of your day, but you need to make time to focus on your connection to God. It is in this time that you can cultivate the sense of God’s presence in your heart and mind.

Once you’ve made time, you reach out your heart and mind to sense his presence. Internally, this is being quietly open to God. It is in this state that you can ask and listen, again being open to God’s guidance.

This then leads to acting based on the inspiration you receive not only at this time, but also that this time allows you to receive later on. So, this leads to following His way.

One way to ‘walk with God’ is to literally walk with God. To go out on a walk, and during that time, to open up to God’s presence. This can be done with many other activities, and this practice can then be extended to more and more time during the day. This is the prayer that ‘never ceases’, a continual practice of walking with God throughout your day.

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