Open up your heart

The ask-listen-act cycle is central to Christian practice, but before or simultaneous with that cycle is another habit that is very important. This habit is

Open up your heart, ask God to come.

Opening up your heart to God can lead to experiencing the presence of God, and to cultivating the live connection between you and Him. It therefore helps in all of the ask-listen-act habits. In a way it is an arch-ask-listen-act habit, as you are simultaneously opening your heart and mind, and asking God to come into your heart, life, and day.

It is only by having this live connection, this concrete sense of God, the feeling of God in your heart, that much of other Christian practice makes sense. For example, thanksgiving and loving God make more sense when you have a large number of experiences of God’s presence, which involves a sense of His love.

God’s spirit is often described in Christianity as the ‘living water’ – the more you allow Him to flow through you, the more He flows through you. This virtuous cycle starts with opening your heart to God, and asking him to come.

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