The ask-listen-act cycle

The ask-listen-act cycle is a cornerstone of Christian practice. The steps are simple.

  1. Ask God. (“Ask and ye shall receive.”)
  2. Listen to God for possibilities.
  3. Act. (“Thy will be done.” Done by whom? You. When? Now.)

The most important instance of this cycle is the one involving asking God what it is we ought to ask for. That is the arch-cycle. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” is essentially this core cycle of the ask-listen-act cycle – seek to find out what God wants, listen to what He tells you, and act on it.

Why ask and listen to God? Because He is very wise and wants what is best for you. The possibilities that God knows are probably much greater than the possibilities you would conventionally consider.

The ask-listen-act cycle is a central Christian habit to implement in your everyday life, and leads naturally to much of the other core Christian habits.

Each of the steps is a habit in its own right, which can be expanded upon, but knowing the basic cycle is important as well.


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